Who is Sasi?

Sasi is Sinka Szabolcs, a Hungary-based designer living in the capital city of Hungary, Budapest.

What does he do?

Sasi is studying industrial design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Design & Art, Budapest and before he graduated as a graphic designer and illustrator at the Budai School for Applied Arts, Budapest.

Sasi now works for a Budapest based graphics studio called Gallai Design. Before he showed up at several studios: 7Field, Urban Landscape Group (Városi Tájkép Csoport), WebOrange, Carnation, Springfield Party Service, 2D Extreme Internet. And of cousre had several other clients as a freelancer.

Sasi is strong at creating concepts, is an ideal candidate for art & creative direction, also loves copywritng both Hungarian and English.

What’s cool to work on?

It’s cool to work on a Mac, Sasi does not believe it makes him special or far more productive, nevertheless some features he believes makes some processes faster. That’s cool about it.

Yet he did not find a better choice for creating graphics, layouts and illustrations than the Adobe suit, so he uses it, but would have some ideas to improve its features... or better said one he has for sure.

Why DesignSuperhero?

Once we got the task at school to create a mask that is characteristic of you. When one had to tell something about me, they said: ‘...design-design-design...’ :) So I thought, why not? It’s me then, my mask is the design as Bruce Wayne’s the bat mask. I had to recognise I am a superhero, so made my mask and from then on I keep practising and hope doing my job well.

Anything else to say?

Yes, if you are interested about facts, please download my CV and take a look at my works! Anyway have a nice day hope you found some pleasure about me!